What is dementia?

Dementia is a condition most commonly seen in older adult populations. Dementia affects brain function, and presents symptoms such as impaired memory and confusion, changes in behaviour, personality and mood, and increased difficulty performing activities of daily living. A person in early stages of dementia can present and function quite well and independently. A person in later stages of dementia may be less responsive and less able to function cognitively, verbally and physically. They typically require support in-home or in an aged-care setting.


What should I expect from the older adults and the nursing home?

Visiting aged-care settings can be confronting for some to begin with – for children as well as parents or carers – due to the unfamiliar proximity to ageing people, disability, illness, medical equipment such as walking frames and wheelchairs. However, the new environment and all that comes with it soon becomes completely normalised, warm and welcoming. Inviting the community into aged-care settings and removing barriers between people in aged-care and the “outside world” is a driving aim of the program.


What is music therapy?

About - Music Therapy


How do I join a group?

Register here and if there is space in the group you are interested in, you can come along! If the group is full we will add you to a waiting list. 


What age is best for my child to attend?

Children can attend the group at any age. Because the group runs during the day on weekdays, children are typically pre-school-aged. From babes in arms to 4 and 5 year olds, children can participate in and benefit from activities at their own level.


What should I bring to sessions?

There’s no need to bring anything to sessions. If your child normally has a snack at the time of the group, bring something along. Otherwise, everything is provided.


What if my child is sick?

Children and people in aged care settings are vulnerable to illness. So if you or your child is sick, please do not come to the group.


How do I get the program at my facility or setting?

Get in touch via the contact page and we can chat about what you have in mind, what your needs are and how we may establish a program for you.

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